Emergency Repair Project

Our Parish is most certainly blessed to have such a beautiful campus for our congregation to enjoy. The campus was made possible through the commitment and dedication of many our own family members who wanted their sons, daughters, and grandchildren to have a church and surrounding facilities at St. Maron they could be proud of.

As our St. Maron members readied in the early 1970’s to leave the east side of Youngstown and its small parish for a beautiful new campus in a park-like setting in Austintown, they saved, planned and produced everything that was needed. The goal was to make not just a church for our members to gather and worship in, but an entire community where we could teach our children, host events and socialize, both for the present and for future St. Maron generations.

But we have to maintain these beautiful facilities. Much-needed infrastructure repairs have been put off as long as possible in order not to burden the congregation with pleas for help. Unfortunately, as with many parish families, dwindling attendance and involvement in the church that we have all grown up in has taken its toll. Several key parts of our campus need emergency repairs or updates, and several others will need attention in the near future. They include:

  • The HVAC units at the Maronite Center (EMERGENCY Status)
  • Both roofs on the Church and Maronite Center (EMERGENCY Status)
  • Masonry repairs at the Church and Maronite Center (EMERGENCY Status)
  • The entire facility parking lot is the next major concern to be addressed but it is not as immediate.

Let’s honor our past by preserving our future

The best way to honor the commitment to what has already been accomplished for our Parish is to preserve it for the family and friends who will be praying, teaching and socializing here for many years to come.

How do we preserve our future?

Our Stewardship Committee has outlined our specific needs, and this is shown in detail in the letter to the parish (below) from the Chair of the Stewardship committee, John Dohar. The committee has established a goal of raising $700,000 to pay for the various upgrades and improvements deemed important at this time. As you consider your pledge/donation to this campaign, please keep in mind that pledges are payable over three years and all campaign gifts are tax-deductible. In short, if each of us makes the most generous pledge possible, we will have a successful campaign.

Download this pledge/donation form that you can fill out and return. Forms are also available through the parish office and can be found on our tables in the lobby. Our goal is to have 100 percent parish participation. Please consider doing your part to keep our parish vibrant, safe and welcoming to our families and visitors.

Thank you,

Emergency Repair Project

Donate/Pledge Form

Download, print, and fill out our Donate/Pledge Form to help our Parish. (PDF)

Letter From John Dohar

Click here to view a letter to the parish from the Chair of the Stewardship committee, John Dohar